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Refer to the exhibit. In the initial SAN deployment or after topology changes in the SAN, some hosts cannot communicate with storage. What are three possible causes of the problem? (Choose three.)

A.    misconfigured fabric timers
B.    misconfigured port parameters
C.    VSAN pruning
D.    VSAN trunking issues
E.    VLAN problems
F.    mismatched zoning

Answer: ABF

Refer to the exhibit. A zone merge failure occurs with the above error log. What is the problem?

A.    Two switches have the same zone set name but different zone members.
B.    Two switches have different zone names and different members.
C.    Two switches have the same zone set name and the same members.
D.    Two switches have different zone names.

Answer: A

Which three of these would cause two switch fabrics not to merge? (Choose three.)

A.    Two or more switches do not have at least one assigned domain ID in common.
B.    Two switches have different assigned VSANs on the connecting ports.
C.    Two switches have different assigned VLANs on the connecting ports.
D.    The static domain ID does not override the dynamic ID.
E.    The election of the static domain is only determined by the WWNs of the two switches.
F.    The physical connectivity between the two switches is not active.

Answer: ABF

What are the minimum number and maximum number of members that a SAN PortChannel can have?

A.    1, 16
B.    2, 16
C.    1, 32
D.    2, 32
E.    1 minimum with no maximum
F.    2 minimum with no maximum

Answer: A

Which three statements are true regarding trunking on an ISL between two switches in order for the VSAN to be trunked? (Choose three.)

A.    The VSAN must be defined on both switches.
B.    The VSAN must be on the VSAN allowed list.
C.    All VSANs that are being trunked must be using either enhanced or non-enhanced mode zoning,
but not both.
D.    IVR must be configured for Cisco Fabric Services.
E.    The device alias database must successfully merge.
F.    There cannot be any duplicate domain IDs within an individual VSAN.

Answer: ABF

Which tools can assist in the troubleshooting of FC-0 issues? (Choose three.)

A.    FC analyzer
B.    SPAN
C.    Device Manager
D.    show interface fc1/1 optical-power-budget
E.    PAA
F.    a portable protocol analyzer

Answer: ACF

Which CLI command can tell which switch is on the other side of port channel 2 that is trunking VSAN 5?

A.    show topology vsan 5
B.    show interface port-channel 2 trunk vsan 5
C.    show interface port-channel 2 vsan 5 peer-info
D.    show fcs vsan 5
E.    show fspf database vsan 5 interface port-channel 2

Answer: A

Which is a key characteristic of virtual device contexts?

A.    allowing logical switches to be aggregated into a single physical switch
B.    allowing logical switches to be aggregated into multiple physical switches
C.    allowing physical switches to be partitioned to a single virtual switch
D.    allowing physical switches to be partitioned to multiple virtual switches

Answer: D

Which is employed by Cisco Nexus 7000 switching products to create multiple logical switches?

A.    VLAN
B.    VTP
C.    VRF
D.    VDC
E.    vPC

Answer: D

Which method of virtualization requires significant modification to the guest operating system?

A.    full virtualization
B.    paravirtualization
C.    partial virtualization
D.    hypervisor virtualization
E.    host virtualization
F.    storage virtualization
G.    LAN virtualization

Answer: B


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