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Which IP addresses are valid for hosts belonging to the subnet? (Choose three.)


Answer: ACD
All IP address in IP ranges between : and are valid as shown below
Address: 00001010.00000001.1010 0000.00000000 Netmask: = 2011111111.11111111.1111 0000.00000000 Wildcard: 1111.11111111
Which implies that
Network: 00001010.00000001.1010 0000.00000000 HostMin: 0000.00000001 HostMax: 1111.11111110 Broadcast: 1111.11111111

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator cannot connect from R1 to R2. To troubleshoot this problem, the administrator has entered the command shown in the exhibit. Based on the output shown, what could be the problem?

A.    The serial interface is configured for half duplex.
B.    The serial interface does not have a cable attached.
C.    The serial interface has the wrong type of cable attached.
D.    The serial interface is configured for the wrong frame size.
E.    The serial interface has a full buffer.

Answer: C
since the output is not forthcoming it shows that the type of cable attached is wrong, though the cable is connected since it shows the cable type. According to the figure DTE cable should connect to R1 on interface but while examining using show controllers serial 0/0 command it showing that a DCE is connected so the wrong type of cable is being used.

Refer to the exhibit. A TFTP server has recently been installed in the Atlanta office. The network administrator is located in the NY office and has made a console connection to the NY router. After establishing the connection they are unable to backup the configuration file and IOS of the NY router to the TFTP server. What is the cause of this problem?

A.    The NY router has an incorrect subnet mask.
B.    The TFTP server has an incorrect IP address.
C.    The TFTP server has an incorrect subnet mask.
D.    The network administrator computer has an incorrect IP address.

Answer: C
The subnet mast of the TFTP server needs to be in tune with the other network requirements else it wont be possible.

If a host experiences intermittent issues that relate to congestion within a network while remaining connected, what could cause congestion on this LAN?

A.    half-duplex operation
B.    broadcast storms
C.    network segmentation
D.    multicasting

Answer: B
A broadcast storm can consume sufficient network resources so as to render the network unable to transport normal traffic.

Refer to the exhibit. The junior network support staff provided the diagram as a recommended configuration for the first phase of a four-phase network expansion project. The entire network expansion will have over 1000 users on 14 network segments and has been allocated this IP address space. through through
What are three problems with this design? (Choose three.)

A.    The AREA 1 IP address space is inadequate for the number of users.
B.    The AREA 3 IP address space is inadequate for the number of users.
C.    AREA 2 could use a mask of /25 to conserve IP address space.
D.    The network address space that is provided requires a single network-wide mask.
E.    The router-to-router connection is wasting address space.
F.    The broadcast domain in AREA 1 is too large for IP to function.

Answer: ACE
The given IP addresses of areas 1 and 3 along with network masks of 24 cannot accommodate 500 users so are inadequate, while the area 2 is having over capacity so its network mask can be reduced to 25 to accommodate the only 60 users it has.

Given an IP address of, what is the subnet address?


Answer: C
248 mask uses 5 bits (1111 1000)
42 IP in binary is (0010 1010)
The base subnet therefore is the lowest binary value that can be written without changing the output of an AND operation of the subnet mask and IP …
1111 1000 AND
0010 1010 equals
0010 1000 – which is .40
/24 is standard class C mask.
adding the 5 bits from the .248 mask gives /29

Which OSI layer header contains the address of a destination host that is on another network?

A.    application
B.    session
C.    transport
D.    network
E.    data link
F.    physical

Answer: D
Only network address contains this information. To transmit the packets the sender uses network address and datalink address. But the layer 2 address represents just the address of the next hop device on the way to the sender. It is changed on each hop. Network address remains the same.

Which layer of the TCP/IP stack combines the OSI model physical and data link layers?

A.    Internet layer
B.    transport layer
C.    application layer
D.    network access layer

Answer: D
The Internet Protocol Suite, TCP/IP, is a suite of protocols used for communication over the internet. The TCP/IP model was created after the OSI 7 layer model for two major reasons. First, the foundation of the Internet was built using the TCP/IP suite and through the spread of the World Wide Web and Internet, TCP/IP has been preferred. Second, a project researched by the Department of Defense (DOD) consisted of creating the TCP/IP protocols. The DOD’s goal was to bring international standards which could not be met by the OSI model. Since the DOD was the largest software consumer and they preferred the TCP/IP suite, most vendors used this model rather then the OSI. Below is a side by side comparison of the TCP/IP and OSI models.
TCP/IP Model
OSI Model Application Layer 7
Layer 6
Layer 5
Session Transport Layer 4
Transport Internet Layer 3
Network Network Access Layer 2
Data Link
Layer 1

Which protocol uses a connection-oriented service to deliver files between end systems?

A.    TFTP
B.    DNS
C.    FTP
D.    SNMP
E.    RIP

Answer: C
FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. As the name suggests, FTP is used to transfer files between computers on a network. You can use FTP to exchange files between computer accounts, transfer files between an account and a desktop computer, or access online software archives

Refer to the exhibit. If the hubs in the graphic were replaced by switches, what would be virtually eliminated?

A.    broadcast domains
B.    repeater domains
C.    Ethernet collisions
D.    signal amplification
E.    Ethernet broadcasts

Answer: C
Modern wired networks use a network switch to eliminate collisions. By connecting each device directly to a port on the switch, either each port on a switch becomes its own collision domain (in the case of half duplex links) or the possibility of collisions is eliminated entirely in the case of full duplex links.


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