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Which CLI command can be used to reset the Cisco TelePresence System 500-32 personal video system to a factory condition?

A.    utils factory reset 2
B.    utils system factory init
C.    xcommand defaultvalues set level: 2
D.    xconfiguration default factory
E.    utils reset factory
F.    xcommand SystemUnit FactoryReset

Answer: B

In this item, you will need to use all information presented to you to successfully answer the question.
The C-Series endpoint (codec) does not register with the Video Communication Server that is located in a different network.
Based on the exhibits, what could be causing the issue?

A.    The subnet mask on the codec is incorrect.
B.    The ip address of the codec is incorrect.
C.    The interface that the codec is in is in the wrong VLAN.
D.    The codec did not receive a DHCP address from the DHCP server.

Answer: A
The subnet mask configured on the codec is, when it should be

Which three of these are functions of the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite? (Choose three.)

A.    automatic software update and release keys
B.    intelligent call routing engine
C.    provisioning a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint
D.    tracing SIP and H.323 calls
E.    managing phonebooks for endpoints that are registered to the Cisco Unified Cisco Unified Communications Manager
F.    rebooting endpoints that are registered to the Cisco TelePresence Video Communications

Answer: ABF

Refer to the exhibit. Which system tab can be used to add video infrastructure devices and endpoints?

A.    Navigator
B.    System Overview
C.    Configuration Templates
D.    Provisioning
E.    Administrative Tools

Answer: A

Which two layout or switching modes are supported with the Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch? (Choose two.)

A.    enhanced continuous presence
B.    active speaker switching
C.    continuous presence
D.    speaker switching
E.    room switching
F.    active continuous presence

Answer: DE

Which Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit Layout view mode gives prominence to one conference participant over the other conference participants while still allowing conference participants to view multiple participants at the same time?

A.    enhanced continuous presence
B.    active speaker
C.    continuous presence
D.    room switching
E.    speaker switching

Answer: A

Which four features are provided by Cisco TelePresence Management Suite? (Choose four.)

A.    Scheduling of video conference calls
B.    Built-in-bridge functionality for multiparty video conferences
C.    SIP-H.323 protocol interworking
D.    Centralized management of conference resources
E.    SMTP email event notification
F.    Endpoint configuration backup and restore
G.    Cisco TelePresence endpoint automated redundancy
H.    Automated resource optimization

Answer: ADEF

An important Cisco TelePresence video multipoint call is in progress and you are getting complaints of pixilation of the video and poor audio quality on one of the involved systems.
Which page would be a good place to start for troubleshooting the issue on the affected endpoint?

A.    Exhibit A
B.    Exhibit B
C.    Exhibit C
D.    Exhibit D

Answer: A

Which two of these support an ad-hoc conference call? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco TelePresence Multiway with Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit and Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server
B.    using the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Scheduler to schedule a conference call
to start in 5 minutes
C.    using the Booking tab in the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite to configure a new conference
D.    using the tab Administrative Tools > Configuration > Conference Settings in the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
E.    pressing the conference button on a Cisco Unified IP Phone 8941 to conference in a third

Answer: AE

Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration element can be used to specify the Multiway address that can be used by the endpoint to initiate Multiway calls?

A.    Conference 1
B.    NetworkServices
C.    Provisioning
D.    SIP Profile 1
E.    Video

Answer: B

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