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Which VPN technology is an example of a full-mesh VPN?

A.    VTI
C.    Frame Relay L2 VPN

Answer: D

Which VPN technology allows remote sites with dynamic IP addresses to connect to a central hub?

A.    static IPsec tunnels
B.    site-to-site VPN
D.    VRFs

Answer: C

A customer wants two separated sites to be connected via a pseudo-wire. Which solution provides the simplest implementation?

A.    AToM
B.    Layer 3 VPN
C.    VPLS

Answer: A

Which three options are features of MPLS Layer 2 VPNs? (Choose three.)

A.    Routing occurs on customer devices.
B.    Routing occurs on service provider and customer devices.
C.    Customer sites appear to be on the same LAN.
D.    Customer sites appear to be on different LANs in the same routing domain.
E.    A routing protocol must be configured between the CE and PE device.
F.    Traffic between CE and PE is forwarded in Layer 2 format.

Answer: ACF

Which two options are disadvantages of MPLS Layer 3 VPNs? (Choose two.)

A.    IP-only support
B.    lack of scalability
C.    dependency on service provider Layer 3 model
D.    complex PE-CE configuration
E.    less efficient than hub-and-spoke model

Answer: AD

What is the purpose of the route distinguisher in a service provider network?

A.    to identify which prefixes should be imported
B.    to identify customer local prefixes
C.    to identify customer global prefixes
D.    to identify which prefixes should be exported from BGP

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. PE1 and PE2 are advertising the same subnet and export route-target to PE3. Which PE advertised subnet is installed at the PE3 BGP table?

A.    PE1 subnet only, due to higher BGP assigned weight.
B.    PE2 subnet only because it is a member in the same VRF.
C.    PE1 and PE2 subnets
D.    PE1 and PE2 subnets as 300:300:

Answer: C

A routing entry on a PE router has an ext-hop address of ::ffff:[IP ADDRESS]. Which service provider technology is being deployed?

A.    6VPE
B.    6PE
C.    4to6 tunnel
D.    6to4 tunnel

Answer: B

When is it appropriate to activate the VPNv6 address family?

A.    when implementing 6PE
B.    when running dual stack at the provider edge
C.    when implementing 6to4 tunneling
D.    when implementing 6VPE

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A customer wants to deploy an IPv6 VPN network over the MPLS provider. Which option describes what must be enabled on the MPLS provider to support this request?

A.    IPv6 should be deployed inside the core network of the provider.
B.    LDP also should be configured to provide labels for IPv6 routes.
C.    MP-iBGP VPNv6 session should be configured with current IPv4 addresses.
D.    MP-iBGP IPv6 session should be configured with current IPv4 addresses.

Answer: C

A customer is connecting to a Cisco IOS XR PE device via BGP. The peering session is up and the customer is advertising routes, but the provider is not receiving any. Which issue is the most likely cause?

A.    The IOS XR device drops inbound routing updates on eBGP peers without an inbound route- policy.
B.    The IOS XR devicerequires as-override on all eBGP customer peers.
C.    The IOS XR devicerequires labeled-unicast peering sessions to eBGP customers.
D.    The IOS XR devicedrops inbound routing updates on eBGP peers that do not send extended communities.

Answer: A

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