This page was exported from All New Cisco Certifications Exam PDF and VCE Dumps [ ] Export date:Wed Jul 15 6:16:34 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: Jan/2019 Free Braindump2go Latest N10-007 PDF 619Q 100% Pass Guaranteed[Q547-Q557] --------------------------------------------------- January/2019 Braindump2go N10-007 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new N10-007 Real Exam Questions:1.|2019 Latest N10-007 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 619Q&As Download:|2019 Latest N10-007 Exam Questions & Answers Download: 547A network administrator is assigned to run and connect a Cat 6e Ethernet cable between two nodes in a datacenter. Which of the following connector types should the network administrator use to terminate this cable?A. DB-9B. RS-232C. DB-25D. RJ-45Answer: DQUESTION 548Management has requested that services be available within 72 hours of a disaster. Budget is a major concern. A contract is signed with a company that has plenty of space, and the technician will have the option of putting infrastructure equipment in place. Which of the following BEST describes this business continuity strategy?A. Cold siteB. Differential backupC. Hot siteD. Incremental backupE. Warm siteF. Full backupAnswer: AQUESTIONA 549A network technician is planning to update the firmware on a router on the network. The technician has downloaded the file from the vendor's website. Before installing the firmware update, which of the following steps should the technician perform to ensure file integrity?A. Perform antivirus and anti-malware scans of the file.B. Perform a hash on the file for comparison with the vendor's hash.C. Download the file a second time and compare the version numbers.D. Compare the hash of the file to the previous firmware update.Answer: BQUESTION 550A network technician performs a wireless site survey at a company building and identifies that the cafeteria is not covered by a wireless signal. The cafeteria is located in a medium-size, square-shaped room. Which of the following types of WAP antenna should the technician install in the center of the cafeteria to provide the BEST coverage?A. UnidirectionalB. ParabolicC. OmnidirectionalD. YagiAnswer: CQUESTION 551An entire enterprise cannot access a specific website. The network technician knows the website was accessible last week. The technician can also ping the website. Which of the following is the technician MOST likely to find upon investigation?A. The firewall is misconfigured.B. The network is being hit by a zero-day attack.C. The SSL certificate is untrusted.D. The SSL certificate has expired.Answer: DQUESTION 552At which of the following OSI model layers would a router operate?A. PhysicalB. NetworkC. TransportD. Data linkAnswer: BQUESTION 553Which of the following are DNS record types? (Choose three.)A. CNAMEB. NTPC. PTRD. LDAPE. DHCPF. TTLG. SRVH. SSHAnswer: ACGQUESTION 554Which of the following backup techniques is used to capture all the data that has changed since the last full backup?A. IncrementalB. ReplicaC. DifferentialD. SnapshotAnswer: CQUESTION 555A network administrator frequently needs to assist users with troubleshooting network hardware remotely, but the users are non-technical and unfamiliar with network devices. Which of the following would BEST help the administrator and users during hands-on troubleshooting?A. Logical diagramsB. MDF documentationC. Equipment labelingD. Standard operating proceduresAnswer: DQUESTION 556A technician is observing brownout issues at a smaller office. At least once a week, the edge switch power cycles. Which of the following should the technician do to resolve the issue?A. Install a new switchB. Install a UPSC. Replace the switch uplink cable.D. Install a new electrical circuit.Answer: BQUESTION 557A technician is troubleshooting a workstation's network connectivity and wants to confirm which switchport corresponds to the wall jack the PC is using. Which of the following concepts would BEST help the technician?A. Consistent labelingB. Change managementC. Standard work instructionsD. Inventory managementE. Network baselineAnswer: A!!!RECOMMEND!!!1.|2019 Latest N10-007 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 619Q&As Download:|2019 Latest N10-007 Study Guide Video: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2019-01-07 05:56:35 Post date GMT: 2019-01-07 05:56:35 Post modified date: 2019-01-07 05:56:35 Post modified date GMT: 2019-01-07 05:56:35 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from