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Exam Code: 70-573Exam Name: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application DevelopmentCertification Provider: MicrosoftCorresponding Certifications: MCPD, MCPD: SharePoint Developer 2010, MCTS, MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development70-573 Dumps,70-573 Latest Dumps,70-573 Dumps PDF,70-573 Study Guide,70-573 Book,70-573 Certification,70-573 Study Material,70-573 Exam Questions,70-573 Training kit,70-573 eBook,70-573 Exam Prep,70-573 Braindump,70-573 Practice Exam,70-573 Practice Test,70-573 Practice Questions,70-573 Preparation Material,70-573 Preparation Guide QUESTION 161You create a Business Connectivity Services (BCS) object model in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The model connects to an XML file.You create an external list that displays the BCS entity.You need to ensure that users can delete items from the external list.What should you do? A.    Create a custom method and specify the method as a Deleter method instance.B.    Call the SPListItem.Delete() method.C.    Call the SPList.Delete() method.D.    Create a custom method and specify the method as a Disassociator method instance. Answer: AExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Deleter method"XML Snippet: Modeling a Deleter Method Snippet: Execute the Deleter Method Instance of an External Content Type QUESTION 162You have a SharePoint list named Projects and a site column named PrivateColumn. You need to prevent users from adding PrivateColumn to the Projects list. Users must be able to add any other site column to the Projects list.What should you do? A.    Create an event receiver that inherits SPListEventReceiver and override FieldAdded.B.    Create an event receiver that inherits SPListEventReceiver and override FieldAdding.C.    Create an event receiver that inherits SPItemEventReceiver and override ItemAdded.D.    Create an event receiver that inherits SPItemEventReceiver and override ItemAdding. Answer: BExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "FieldAdding to a List" QUESTION 163You need to create a Web Part that displays all of the permission levels of the current subsite. Which collection should you use? A.    SPContext.Current.Web.PermissionsB.    SPContext.Current.Web.PropertiesC.    SPContext.Current.Web.RoleAssignmentsD.    SPContext.Current.Web.RoleDefinitions Answer: DExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "permission levels = RoleDefinitions"The role definition, or permission level, is the list of rights associated with the role. Role Assignments, Role Definitions, and Inheritance QUESTION 164You create a custom workflow by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.You need to specify a custom InfoPath workflow initiation form in the workflow element manifest file.Which attribute should you configure? A.    Association_FormURNB.    Instantiation_FieldMLC.    Instantiation_FormURND.    InstantiationUrl Answer: CExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "initiation form = Instantiation_FormURN"Specifies the URN of the Microsoft InfoPath 2010 form to use to initiate the workflow.Instantiation_FormURN Element (Workflow)-ECM QUESTION 165You need to create a timer job that queries a list.What should you do? A.    Create a class that inherits SPJobDefinition and override the Execute method.B.    Create a class that inherits SPServiceApplicationand override the Provision method.C.    Create a class that inherits SPServiceApplicationand override the Provisionlnstances method.D.    Create a class that inherits SPJobDefinition and override the Provision method. Answer: AExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Execute timer job"Next, and the most important thing, is to override Execute() method. This method is called each time when thejob is fired, so it should contain all the logic to accomplish what You expect from the job.SPJobDefinition as the way to create scheduled tasks QUESTION 166You create a workflow named WF1. WF1 is attached to a list named List1.You need to receive an e-mail notification if WF1 is postponed.What should you do? A.    Use a HandleExternalEvent activity in WF1.B.    Attach an SPWorkflowEventReceiver event receiver to List1.C.    Attach an SPItemEventReceiver event receiver to List1.D.    Use a ReceiveActivity activity in WF1. Answer: BExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Workflow = SPWorkflowEventReceiver"The SPWorkflowEventReceiver class handles workflow events throughout the lifetime of a workflow.Starting: Occurs when a workflow is startingStarted: Occurs when a workflow is startedPostponed: Occurs when a workflow is postponedCompleted: Occurs when a workflow is completedYou can register the SPWorkflowEventReceiver with any site, list, or content type.Apress-SharePoint 2010 as a Development Platform (book) QUESTION 167You need to create a Web Part that verifies whether a user who accesses the Web Part page is a member of a group named Group1.Which code condition should you use? A.    SPContext.Current.Web.Groups("Group1").ContainsCurrentUserB.    SPContext.Current.Web.SiteUsers(SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.ID).Groups ("Group1") <> nullC.    SPContext.Current.Web.SiteUsers(SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.ID).Groups ("Group1") = nullD.    SPContext.Current.Web.Users("Group1").IsDomainGroup Answer: AExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: ContainsCurrentUserGets a Boolean value that indicates whether the group contains the current user, included either through director indirect membership.SPGroup.ContainsCurrentUser Property QUESTION 168You create a custom field type and a CustomFieldControl.ascx user control. You need to write the code-behind of the CustomFieldControl.acsx user control.Which object should you override? A.    SPFieldTextB.    BaseFieldControlC.    SPFieldCalculatedD.    WebPart Answer: BExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "CustomFieldControl = BaseFieldControl"Renders a field on a form page (not a list view page) by using one or more child controls such as a label, link,or text box control.BaseFieldControl Class QUESTION 169You plan to create a custom approval workflow. The workflow approvers will enter their employee number in the edit task form. You need to ensure that the onTaskChangedl_Invoked method of the workflow retrieves the value of the employee number.Which object should you use? A.    SPWorkflowTaskProperties.ExtendedPropertiesB.    SPWorkflowTaskProperties.PropertiesC.    SPWorkflowActivationProperttes.ItemD.    SPWorkflowActivationProperties.TaskUstld Answer: AExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "onTaskChanged1 = SPWorkflowTaskProperties.ExtendedProperties" There is no Properties member in SPWorkflowTaskProperties class. Gets a hash table that represents the collection of extended task properties as name/value pairs.SPWorkflowTaskProperties Properties QUESTION 170You are creating a custom workflow action that will be used in Microsoft SharePoint Designer reusable workflows. The action will programmatically create a SharePoint site named Site1 at a specific URL.You need to ensure that users can specify the URL of Site1 in the action.What should you use? A.    the DependencyProperty classB.    the SPPersistedObject classC.    the SPWorkflowActivationProperties.InitiationData propertyD.    the OnWorkflowActivated.WorkflowProperties property Answer: AExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "specify DependencyProperty"Using Dependency Properties Braindump2go Offers 100% money back guarantee on all products! Our products remain valid for a lifetime! Recently we update our 70-573 Exam Questions since the Microsoft Official Exam Center adds some new questions in 70-573 Exam Dumps. 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