This page was exported from All New Cisco Certifications Exam PDF and VCE Dumps [ ] Export date:Fri Jun 5 21:21:36 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-Oct.-New]JN0-643 VCE and PDF Dumps 301Q Instant Download in Braindump2go[61-70] --------------------------------------------------- 2017 Oct. New JN0-643 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some JN0-643 Questions:1.|2017 New JN0-643 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 301Q&As Download: 2.|2017 New JN0-643 Exam Questions & Answers Download:   QUESTION 61Which three PoE power allocation methods are supported on EX Series switches? (Choose three.) A.    dynamic PoE management modeB.    static PoE management modeC.    enhanced power negotiationD.    LLDP power negotiationE.    class PoE management mode Answer: BDE QUESTION 62A security camera is connected to an EX Series switch. You are asked to ensure power to the PoE port is maintained if the power budget is exceeded.Which two actions will accomplish this task? (Choose two.) A.    Set the PoE management mode to static.B.    Set the PoE management mode to class.C.    Set the PoE interface priority to high.D.    Ensure the camera is connected to port ge-0/0/0. Answer: CD QUESTION 63A new user's Class 3 IP phone is connected to port ge-0/0/7 on an EX Series switch; however, it is not working.user@switch> show poe controllerController Maximum Power Guard Management Status Lldpindex power consumption band Priority0 130.00W 121.00W 0W Class AT_MODE DisabledReferring to the exhibit, what is the cause? A.    The model of the EX Series switch being used supports PoE only on interfaces ge-0/0/0 through ge-0/0/6.B.    The PoE port is set to class 0.C.    The port has been shut down because the phone's power requirements exceed the PoE power budget for the switch.D.    The guard-band is insufficient. Answer: C QUESTION 64You are troubleshooting an LLDP neighbor and cannot see the IP address of the neighboring EX Series switch.What is causing the problem? A.    A VLAN interface must be configured under the [edit vlans] hierarchy.B.    IP addresses are not sent in any LLDP TLVs.C.    A management address must be configured under the [edit protocols lldp] hierarchy.D.    You must enable LLDP-MED. Answer: C QUESTION 65A network administrator is configuring CoS on a switch and assigns forwarding classes shown below:class-of-service {forwarding-classes {class best-effort queue-num 0;class bulk-data queue-num 1;class critical queue-num 3;class voice queue-num 6;class call-signal queue-num 3;}}Based on the configuration, which action prioritizes call-signal traffic over critical traffic? A.    Assign call-signal traffic and critical traffic to different schedulers.B.    Assign call-signal traffic and critical traffic to different scheduler maps.C.    Assign a loss priority of high to the packets in the critical forwarding class and set priority high in the scheduler configuration.D.    Assign a loss priority of high to the packets in the critical forwarding class and configure drop profiles in the scheduler configuration. Answer: D QUESTION 66On SRX Series devices, in which order does CoS process ingress packets? A.    multifield classifier, policer, forwarding policy, behavior aggregate classifierB.    multifield classifier, forwarding policy, policer, behavior aggregate classifierC.    behavior aggregate classifier, policer, multifield classifier, forwarding policyD.    behavior aggregate classifier, multifield classifier, policer, forwarding policy Answer: D QUESTION 67You just configured an interface as an access port and it is up and passing traffic. However, you notice that all traffic transiting this interface is being classified as best effort.Which default BA classifier is causing this behavior? A.    ieee8021p-defaultB.    ieee8021p-untrustC.    dscp-defaultD.    dscp-ipv6-default Answer: B QUESTION 68You notice that an interface receiving traffic from multiple devices with no user-configured CoS parameters has been assigned the ieee802.1p-default classifier.What is the port type assigned to this interface? A.    access portB.    tagged access portC.    trunk portD.    designated port Answer: C QUESTION 69According to the configuration shown in the exhibit, what percentage of the traffic will be dropped when the queue fill level reaches 65 percent?[edit class-of-service]drop-profiles {test-drop {fill-level 20 drop-probability 35;fill-level 55 drop-probability 60;fill-level 70 drop-probability 80;fill-level 95 drop-probability 100;}} A.    25B.    50C.    58D.    60 Answer: D QUESTION 70You are asked to implement CoS on an EX Series switch. You attempt to configure the priority for the voice and data queue schedulers to medium-high and medium-low priority, respectively. However, you notice that the only parameters available for the priority is strict high and low.Why are strict high and low the only available parameters for configuration? A.    The loss priority for the queues must first be set to medium-low and medium-high, respectively.B.    The switch only supports the strict high and low queue priorities.C.    The shared buffer feature must be configured prior to configuring scheduler priority.D.    The scheduler must be applied to an interface prior to configuring scheduler priority. 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