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Hotspot Question
You need to recommend a solution to audit the issue of User1.
Which command should you recommend? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.)

You discover that the Large Audience MailTip is not displayed when users compose an email message to the 20 new distribution groups.
You need to ensure that the Large Audience MailTip is displayed for the new distribution groups immediately.
Which cmdlet should you use?

A.    Set-DistributionGroup
B.    Set-MailboxServer
C.    Set-ClientAccessServer
D.    Start-ManagedFolderAssistant

Answer: B
We need to use the Set-MailboxServer cmdlet with the ForceGroupMetricsGeneration parameter to force a count of the number of members of the distribution groups.
The ForceGroupMetricsGeneration parameter specifies that group metrics information must be generated on the Mailbox server regardless of whether that server generates an offline address book (OAB). By default, group metrics are generated only on servers that generate OABs.
Group metrics information is used by MailTips to inform senders about how many recipients their messages will be sent to.
You need to use this parameter if your organization doesn’t generate OABs and you want the group metrics data to be available.

Hotspot Question
You need to recommend a solution to audit the issue of User1.
Which command should you recommend? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.)

Drag and Drop Question
You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization that has Information Rights Management (IRM) configured.
Users report that they cannot apply IRM protection to email messages from Outlook Web App.
You verify that the users can protect the messages by using IRM from Microsoft Outlook.
You need to recommend a solution to ensure that the users can protect email messages by using IRM from Outlook Web App.
Which four actions should you recommend? To answer, move the four appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.
Box 1: Create a distribution group named Group1.
Box 2: Add the Microsoft Exchange Federation Mailbox user account to Group1.
Box 3: Enable the super users group and set the group to Group1.
Box 4: Run the Set-IRMConfiguration cmdlet.
* To enable IRM in Outlook Web App, you must add the Federation mailbox, a system mailbox created by Exchange 2013 Setup, to the super users group in AD RMS.
* Step 1: Use the Shell to add the Federation mailbox to a distribution group If a distribution group has been created and configured as a super users group in the AD RMS cluster, you can add the Exchange 2013 Federation mailbox as a member of that group. If a super users group isn’t configured, you must create a distribution group and add the Federation mailbox as a member.
1.Create a distribution group dedicated for use as an AD RMS super users group.
2. Add the user FederatedEmail.4c1f4d8b-8179-4148-93bf-00a95fa1e042 to the new distribution group.
Step 2: Use AD RMS to set up a super users group
Perform the following procedure on an AD RMS cluster. The account used to perform this procedure must be a member of the AD RMS Enterprise Administrators local group on the AD RMS server.
1. Open the Active Directory Rights Management Services console and expand the AD RMS cluster.
2. In the console tree, expand Security Policies, and then click Super Users.
3. In the action pane, click Enable Super Users.
4. In the result pane, click Change Super User Group to open the Super Users property sheet.
5. In the Super user group box, type the email address of the distribution group you created in the previous procedure, or click Browse to select a distribution group.
* Information workers increasingly use e-mail to exchange sensitive information. To help secure this information, organizations can use Information Rights Management (IRM) to apply persistent protection to messaging content. Prior to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, effective use of IRM protection was limited to Outlook clients. In Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Outlook Web Access users were required to download the Rights Management add-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer so they could access IRM-protected content.
In Exchange 2013, IRM in Outlook Web App allows your users to access the rich IRM functionality offered by Exchange to apply persistent IRM-protection to messaging content.
Reference: Information Rights Management in Outlook Web App
Reference: Add the Federation Mailbox to the AD RMS Super Users Group

Contoso, Ltd., and Fabnkam, Inc., are partner companies.
Each company has an Exchange Server 2013 organization in a data center that is connected to the Internet. All of the Exchange servers in both of the organizations have the Client Access server role and the Mailbox role installed.
The data centers connect to each other by using a redundant high-speed WAN link.
The following mail exchanger (MX) records are configured:
– Contoso.com MX 10 mail.contoso.com
– Fabrikam.com MX 10 mail.fabrikam.com
You need to recommend a solution for inbound mail flow.
The solution must meet the following requirements:
– Users in both companies must receive email from the Internet if either of the Internet links fails.
– Mail from the Internet to contoso.com must be received by mail.contoso.com if the Internet link at the Contoso data center is available.
– Mail from the Internet to fabrikam.com must be received by mail.fabrikam.com if the Internet link at the Fabrikam data center is available.
Which two actions should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Create the following DNS records:
Contoso.com MX 20 mail.fabrikam.com
Fabrikam.com MX 20 mail.contoso.com
B.    Create the following DNS records:
Contoso.com MX 10 mail.fabrikam.com
Fabrikam.com MX 10 mail.contoso.com
C.    For each organization, configure an internal relay domain and a Send connector.
D.    For each organization, configure an external relay domain and a Receive connector.
E.    Create the following DNS records:
Contoso.com MX 5 mail.fabrikam.com
Fabrikam.com MX 5 mail.contoso.com

Answer: AC
A: Use a priority above 10.
* When you configure an internal relay domain, some or all of the recipients in this domain don’t have mailboxes in this Exchange organization. Mail from the Internet is relayed for this domain through Transport servers in this Exchange organization.
* An organization may have to share the same SMTP address space between two or more different messaging systems. For example, you may have to share the SMTP address space between Exchange and a third-party messaging system, or between Exchange environments that are configured in different Active Directory forests. In these scenarios, users in each email system have the same domain suffix as part of their email addresses. To support these scenarios, you need to create an accepted domain that’s configured as an internal relay domain.
You also need to add a Send connector that’s sourced on a Mailbox server and configured to send email to the shared address space. If an accepted domain is configured as authoritative and a recipient isn’t found in Active Directory, a non- delivery report (NDR) is returned to the sender. The accepted domain that’s configured as an internal relay domain first tries to deliver to a recipient in the Exchange organization. If the recipient isn’t found, the message is routed to the Send connector that has the closest address space match.
D: When you configure an external relay domain, messages are relayed to an email server that’s outside your Exchange organization and outside the organization’s network perimeter.


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